Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm quitting...

Hey everyone, it's me, Craft.

I have some sad news for you guys. Well, actually my friends will be sad cause I don't really have any fans besides my friends. If you just came upon this blog for the first time, you won't be sad. My friends don't take it that I'm serious that I'm doing this. Some think it's a joke and they think I'm only saying that so I can get attention or make them feel sorry for me - which I'm not. Only read the second paragraph if you're my friend on club penguin. If not, skip to the third paragraph.

I'm quitting club penguin. I know my best friends on club penguin are gonna say, "No! Don't Leave!" And some already told me, "Can I have your penguin?" Wow. I'm leaving and you just say," Can I have your penguin?" What awesome friends I have :P But, I'm sorry. I have too quit.......... Ever since I started talking (like legit talking) on club penguin, it seems that all my old friends that I hanged out in the Ultimate Safe Chat servers, seems different now. I don't know why, but almost everyone changed. I want to get this all of these stuff off of my chest, so here it is: One thing that is bothering me is DRAMA. I hate drama that goes on on club penguin! To tell you the truth it is FREAKING ANNOYING!! I mean, who cares if you're prettier than some one else and who's popular and who's not. Who really cares? I hate it when friends fight. I don't like it when people say bad words to other people. Would you actually say that in real life to your own friends? It also bothers me that SOME of friends are stereotyping other people. Like they think everyone on club penguin is white. And they'll ask people are you black, Chinese, Asian, etc. It's so annoying that they think all races, other than white, is a bad thing. I don't like it. I also a lot of people on club penguin are posers. I'm not naming names, but some of them are. And ONE more thing that bothers me... why would you like someone on club penguin? Don't you guys go to school and have crushes on people at your school! Cmon! It seems everything changed from the past 2-3 years of playing. I signed up for club penguin to have fun- not fight.

There's another why I'm quitting. I'm growing older. I'm on my last year of middle school. After that, I'm going to high school. I don't want the reputation when I get to high school, that I STILL play club penguin. When summer ends, I will have a bunch of homework, projects, studying and volunteer work to do (I have to volunteer 40 hours in total for the whole school year). And I might join sport too. Who knows I might made it to the volleyball team or basketball team. Family and school comes first, then club penguin. I've also spent a lot of money on memberships! I've been a member for 24+ months! $6 multiply by 24 = A LOT OF MONEY!! And I've been a non member before, and it's that fun as being a member anywayz.

Don't get me wrong, I had A LOT of fun on club penguin!!! But, I've had been thinking about quitting and it's time. Everyone has to quit someday and for me, it's today... Here are some of friends I want to thank:
  • Tanimonkey- You've had been an awesome cousin! Thanks for working here in the first few months I started this blog! Thanks for helping with the catalog cheats :)
  • Too Silly- You've had been a long time friend on club penguin! You were one of my first friends on club penguin actually!
  • Whirlvortex- You're not on much anymore, but it was fun talking to you!
  • Inky Spot- You make awesome video! As long as you keep making them , I will always be a fan! If you make a party after you quit, I'll surely come!
  • Samanblack- It's always fun talking to you EVERY single day! lol
  • Infoboy99- You're very shy and you talk about the same things a lot....but you're cool!
  • Blaze27104- I haven't talk to you as much, but you're still my friend!
  • Icarly2020- Again, I haven't talk to you as much, but you're still my friend as well :)
  • Faithful15- I don't think you remember me, but I used to talk to in those non talking servers. lol
If I forgot about you on the friends list above, comment below :)

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I like to thank all my friends! Thanks for being there for me and being nice :D lolz

I like to thanks my fans out there, not including my friends on club penguin. If I only have one fan who comes and look at my blog, I'm happy that I began my blogging journey :)

I am still keeping this blog up and running after I leave. If I ever want to blog again, I still can. And don't worry, I will still log on to club penguin once in a little while, seeing if there's some new stuff I need to catch on (missions, pins, parties, etc). Oh, and I'm NOT giving away my penguin!! I've been asked a BUNCH of times. Why would I give my penguin away when it's old and rare and I worked so hard to get it the way it is right now.

After 9 months of blogging, I FINALLY got 3,000 hits!!

We also hit a record of 10 people on at the same time!! :D Woo hoo!

I will be keeping my youtube and my twitter also. If you want talk to me, I'll be on there! :)

And to my friends, PLEASE don't quit club penguin because of me. Just pretend that you never even know me. You guys are awesome and please, don't fight with each other. NO DRAMA!!!

Hope to you guys again (wugz),

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sneak peek of new feature coming to club penguin!

Hey everyone!

Club penguin wanted to confirm that a BRAND NEW feature last week! It will be coming out at the end of the month! Here's ANOTHER close look of the collectible item:

Billybob already gave us a hint that it is COLLECTIBLE and THERE'S A LOT of them! I think they are stamps! Like pins, we can find the stamps every two weeks! And maybe we can trade them will our friends! Or put them on our postcards! That can be cool! :D


*NEW* DJ3K Music!

Hey club penguin junkies!

They FINALLY put up new music for the mini game, DJ3K! Here are the new music:
  • Desi-bel (yellow disc)
  • House blend (pink disc)
  • Raggaetron (Orange disc)

Enjoy the new music! :)


Treasure Book Series 9 CHEATS

Hey guys! A new treasure book has come out - Series 9!!

This treasure book was not that great of a treasure :/ A lot of them are repeats and not really good, interesting exclusive items as well! That's alright though!

Video is by Jmann93! Click right here to go to his blog AND click here to go to his you tube channel!


Field-Ops Mission 5 :)

Here's how you do the mission 5 of the weekly fields-ops :)
  1. Log on to club penguin.
  2. Your phone will be blinking. Click on it!!
  3. Click, "Go there".
  4. Click the field ops board.
  5. A message will pop up.
Accept field-op!

Now, go up on the stage near the microphone. Your phone will turn green and will ring. Click on it and press, "Engage"!

The field-op is the same as the first and third mission! SUPER easy! :D

If you're a member, check out the elite clothing to see if you can earn them with medals!


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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Brand NEW feature coming to club penguin!

Hey club penguin junkies!

Club penguin announced that they will release a BRAND NEW feature heading to us at the end of the month!!

They said there collectibles, kinda like pins!!! More info will be coming next week! :D